How To Find Inexpensive Life Insurance For 48 Year Olds

How To Find Inexpensive Life Insurance For 48 Year Olds

Inexpensive Life Insurance For 48 Year Olds
Finding inexpensive life insurance for 48 year olds is quite possible, but you need to know which companies look most favorably toward your situation.

Age is just one of the factors that companies use to determine your rates. Life insurance rates by age can vary significantly from each life insurance company. If you have a preexisting health condition can make a huge difference as well.

What do Al Capone, Scott Weiland and Whitney Houston all have in common? They all passed away at the age of 48.

Life insurance isn’t standardized when it comes to underwriting. Each life insurance company uses their own underwriting guidelines to determine your rate. This means that every life insurance company has a potential niche where they can offer the lowest rate.

Life Insurance – Now Or Later?
There’s no better time to secure life insurance coverage then now. Term life insurance rates are at an all time low.

And because you’re in your 40s, you should not have difficulty securing an affordable policy.

It’s vital to the consumer that they know that not every life insurance company will view their lifestyle, health, and age the same.

Since you’re 48 years old and looking for a life insurance policy you probably have some questions. We hope to answer them in this blog post.

This post will discuss permanent as well as term life insurance policies, providing pricing examples and discuss the differences between medical and no medical exam life insurance. We’ll also provide you some of the top insurance companies for the 40’s age demographic.

Already have a good idea of the type of policy you are looking for? Click here to compare life insurance quotes or use our online quote calculator located to the side or at the bottom of the page.

If you want to learn more and gain a full overview of the options available to you, read on to discover just how much you should expect to pay for life insurance in your 40’s for a variety of situations.

Life Insurance At Age 48
Purchasing term life insurance at age 48 typically will not be difficult. Life insurance continually gets less expensive due to people living longer, advancements in medicine and life insurance competition.

With that said, when looking for the best life insurance rates by age, you need to be aware of 3 things prior to putting in an application.

Am I choosing the best term life insurance policy at age 48?
Should I get a policy that requires a Medical Exam or a No Exam policy?
Is there a benefit with shopping directly with the insurance company?
Choosing The Best Term Life Insurance Policy At Age 48?
Each individual is different, however 15 and 30 term life insurance policies are very common. Begin by asking what is the purpose of this policy?

We have clients that choose 10 year term because their mortgage is almost paid for and their children are almost in college (which was paid for). 30 year term is also common depending on your family’s needs.

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